Poland Syndrome

My grandson Tristan has Poland Syndrome. One effect of this disease is that
his left hand is much smaller than his right.
His fingers were webbed together, too. Luckily his hand, wrist and arm have all of the bones.


Tristan's hand after first surgery

They did the webbing on his thumb and between his middle and ring finger.
They can't do both sides of a finger at the same time. They grafted some skin from his arm.

Don't let these first three pictures bother you too much. He got his bandage off after 1 week.
It looks bad, but his hand didn't seem to bother him at all.

See, doesn't it look better now?

Tristan's hand after second surgery

This time he got the bandage off  TWO DAYS after surgery!
It STILL didn't seem to bother him.


Present day


Actor Gary Burghoff has Poland Syndrome. In MASH, he hid his hand with a clipboard

Gary Burghoff's bio