Lunar  photography page

Here's a picture of comet Hale-Bopp taken several years ago on film with a 50 mm lens using a tripod. Notice the trail of the plane that passed over as the picture was taken.




The best I've done with film are below. The first one was  done with a 6" f10 reflector.

The one on the right was taken with a 12" reflector. These telescopes  had no motor drive. Photos were taken at prime focus.


I have an 11" Celestron telescope now. As you can see the focal length is much longer.


A montage of the Moon 4 days before the Full Moon. I used a f6.3 reducer in my telescope.

I took five photos, put them together and downsized it. Seeing conditions were very bad.

This photo was taken on 12-14-2010

Here's a montage, shown full size

Jupiter on 7-22-2011 - The moons are Io, Callisto and Europa

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